Advice 1: How to get pregnant with adhesions in the tubes

The spikes are known as one of the common consequences of gynecological diseases. Their symptoms: prolonged pain, depression, fatigue. Adhesions can take years and often become a cause of infertility. If a woman with this diagnosis want to get pregnant, she will have to work hard on themselves.
How to get pregnant with adhesions in the tubes
First of all try to slow down the process of formation of adhesions. Definitely consult a good gynecologist who will prescribe a course of treatment. Primarily in chronic adhesive process is necessary to restore proper functioning of the ovaries, intestines, relieve depression and often pain.
Spikes accompanied by multiple discomfort, prolonged pain – due to irritation of the intestine or the stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs. Can develop immuno-hormonal diseases, like endometriosis. Adhesions are able to last for years, disrupting the blood flow and impairing the mobility of the reproductive organs, hindering from reaching them nutrients and oxygen. Follow all the physician you are likely to advise you to reconsider your taste preferences, and the gastroenterologist will help you to choose favourable for intestinal individual diet.
Well proven physiotherapy treatments. The effect of the current and ultrasound relieves pain and helps to actively fight with the spikes. You can be assigned to electrophoresis is a unique way to transport nutrients directly to the needy in this bodies. But this method is not suitable for all physiotherapy is contraindicated in the period when the inflammation is exacerbated.
Physiotherapy for a course of the results almost did not give, therefore it is better to have two or three. If after that the desired effect is not observed, then continue physical therapy simply impractical. In most cases, the decision on carrying out of a laparoscopy to dissect adhesions.
After this procedure to get pregnant in a natural way manages approximately every fifth woman. Sometimes, however, spikes has been able to cope with the help of other methods. But maybe this is only on the condition that the approach to the treatment of the individual, and all doctors ' recommendations concerning lifestyle and mode are observed.
Some women a good helping of radon baths. Lidaza, adored by gynecologists, not always able to provide a good effect.
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It is necessary to achieve good results of treatment to meet the special home gym – it is very simple and yet effective. Because of the ease of execution, many underestimate its power – all you need is three to four times a day and take knee-chest and knee-elbow position.

Advice 2 : How to get pregnant with adhesive process

In recent years, adhesive disease is becoming more common in gynecology, which is associated with a large number of provoking it factors. This is a serious disease that can lead to equally serious complications, such as infertility.
To get pregnant with adhesive disease.

What are adhesions and how do they arise

Adhesive disease is a condition in which abdominal and pelvic adhesions are formed, that is, the seals from connective tissues.

Such formation can occur due to many reasons, for example, as a result of inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs. Such inflammation include infections of the uterus, adnexa and pelvic peritoneum, for example, endometritis, metroendometritis, parametritis, oophoritis and pelvioperitonit.

Also to the emergence of adhesive disease predispose prolonged wearing of intrauterine device, uterine curettage and infection, sexually transmitted diseases.

If you experience pelvic inflammatory process of the affected tissues swell, and the peritoneum appears the Deposit of fibrin. He, in turn "glues" the adjacent tissue. As a result of this process, a barrier to the spread of the inflammatory process. But this protective process is the reverse side "glued" the fabric form a seam, which can prevent pregnancy.

How to get pregnant with adhesive disease

The probability of pregnancy in the presence of adhesions depends entirely on the neglect of the process. As a rule, adhesions that prevent normal conception, are placed in the Fallopian tubes. They can partially or completely block the passage of the fallopian tubes, and can only be in one tube, without affecting the second.

If adhesions do not cover the openings of the fallopian tubes completely, then it is possible pregnancy in a natural way.

In these cases, as with the normal patency of the tubes, trying to conceive occur at the usual recommended scheme, by calculating the time of ovulation.

But the process of conception in the diagnosis of adhesive disease and can stimulate homeopathic remedies. For example, the use of herbal teas and douching with herbs such as upland uterus, sage or St. John's wort. Many of these herbs not only stimulate ovulation, but also can promote partial resorption of adhesions. But their dosage and method of use in each case must specify the doctor.

But, as a rule, it is recommended to first conduct the treatment of adhesive disease. And only at the end of the rehabilitation period it is possible to continue attempts to get pregnant.
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