Examination by an experienced surgeon can identify spikes, but only in the advanced stage of the disease. When there are not very many abdominal organs remain mobile and therefore touch them not defined. Adhesions in the pelvis in women can diagnose gynecologist during a routine examination on the chair, the uterus becomes immobile or sedentary. That's why the conception, sometimes it is impossible to become pregnant and bear the baby, the uterus needs to be free from the shackles of adhesions.
Diagnosis by ultrasound is used to detect adhesions. But only a new and powerful machine can fix adhesions, and in social clinics such equipment is, unfortunately, no. Therefore, contact any paid hospital or get directions in the regional diagnostic center. Ultrasound may not be 100% correct way to diagnose, so based on the conclusion of ultrasound you will not do abdominal surgery to remove adhesions.
The most accurate and correct method - laparoscopy. It is done through a small incision, the apparatus displays an overall picture on the computer monitor. If you are offered such a way to reveal spikes - agree. The stitches will be small and inconspicuous. If your illness is confirmed, you will have surgery to remove adhesions. But not always prescribe surgery in some cases help therapeutic massages and physiotherapy.