The antenna design depends on what kind of TV signal you want to take: terrestrial or satellite. If the village or within it a television tower, here you can take local channels and improving television. Simply install the antenna in the direction of the TV, connect its cable to your TV and watch shows. To have access to most domestic and foreign programs need signal reception by satellite equipment.
Pick up the antenna essential pryamids get the image of the local programs required antenna meter, decimeter or all-wave reception. Determine the priority of the channels. For example, you like the transmission on NTV, MTV, and the rest uninteresting. Contact the experts and measure the level of TV signals at your location. Measured find out the type of antenna in which the reception images will be high quality. For example, if interference or no signal UHF – set dtsm antenna. To obtain high-quality images of all the channels fit model all-wave reception.
Select the antenna structure.Watch numerous television channels, installing a satellite dish. By design, they can be grouped into several types: axial-symmetric, offset, spherical, flat, portable. The first have a parabolic shape and concentrate the signal, not allowing it to dissipate. This plate is large and requires to install the remote bracket. Primarily, this equipment is used for professional satellite signal.
Select your home antennule of apartment houses and country cottages will fit spherical, offset, flat antenna or the equipment of the "street lamp". For example, the offset structure is positioned vertically on the wall or on the balcony, it does not accumulate snow, water and dirt, interfere. In order not to violate the architectural appearance of the building, pick up a home receiver antenna flat design - it stands out from the wall and allows you to enjoy the TV quality. Take the satellite signal and the outdoors. To not miss your favorite show turn on a portable antenna, and it for 5 minutes with the remote to tune to the desired channel.