Pick the type antennna choice is affected by several factors, the main of which are: remoteness from the city's television tower and from the programs that interest you. For good reception of TV signal in the country, use an antenna, which can receive the terrestrial or satellite signal. If the cottage is in the suburbs, the probability of reception of local television is an essential signal. To view a large number of interesting programs will need the satellite signal.
Select the antenna to view local PEREDAChI essential signal has limitations on the distance, and the terrain also affects the image quality. For example, the antenna without the amplifier receives local channels in the plain the distance from the tower to 50 km If the cottage is located on or in the valley, for a good picture should not count. The reception range can be slightly increased if the use of terrestrial antenna with amplifier. Pick up the antenna all-wave reception individually for your area – it will provide high quality reception of all city programs.
Select the satellite the antennaSo as not to depend on city TV towers, stop their attention on a satellite dish antenna. It can help make the variety of channels with high picture quality. Since satellite antennas have different size and design, pick equipment suitable for your structure. To view television in the country don't require professional quality signal, so will fit spherical, offset or flat antenna. Select offset design - it is easily mounted on the wall of the house and easy to set up.
Connect closed Canalys satellite view of many domestic and foreign programs, you can connect to satellite pay TV, installing a special antenna. Through the use of such equipment you will get the chance of reliable reception signal and quality of the image.