You will need
  • 2 beer cans
  • stick a length of 30 — 50 cm
  • cable
  • antenna Jack
  • Scotch
  • 2 screws
  • screwdriver
Find the middle of the stick and mark it. At an equal distance from the middle, put the beer can tops to each other and tightly wrap them with tape. The distance between them should be not less than 75 mm. In the tops of cans screw the screws.
Cut a piece of cable with a length of 3-4 m. On the other end of the cable where there is no plug, cut the upper protective layer. Remove it about 10 cm from the edge. Silver layer twist so as to get a branch from core. At the core there is still a medium protective layer that needs to be cut at 1 cm from the edge. If you have no special television cable, nothing. Similarly, cut away the top layer and strip the wire ends.
Separate the bunches of wire and attach the screws. If you have a special television cable, to a jar screw the core cable, and the other is a silver screening. Better to tie the cable to the keys, but not necessarily.
Tape the cable to the stick. It is not necessary but better to have the antenna collapsed at the crucial moment. Therefore, the tape should be pretty tight.
Insert the plug into the TV via the pass with the antenna around the apartment. Determine the most suitable location and mount the antenna.