Advice 1: How to make an antenna out of beer cans

Despite the fact that cable TV has in recent decades become very popular, many people prefer to catch the transmission off the air. For this you need a good antenna, which sometimes is quite expensive. But the antenna can be done by, the reception quality will be not worse. Homemade antennas are needed especially in homes where the reception quality is very bad or the TV refuses to take anything on store the antenna.
How to make an antenna out of beer cans
You will need
  • 2 beer cans
  • stick a length of 30 — 50 cm
  • cable
  • antenna Jack
  • Scotch
  • 2 screws
  • screwdriver
Find the middle of the stick and mark it. At an equal distance from the middle, put the beer can tops to each other and tightly wrap them with tape. The distance between them should be not less than 75 mm. In the tops of cans screw the screws.
Cut a piece of cable with a length of 3-4 m. On the other end of the cable where there is no plug, cut the upper protective layer. Remove it about 10 cm from the edge. Silver layer twist so as to get a branch from core. At the core there is still a medium protective layer that needs to be cut at 1 cm from the edge. If you have no special television cable, nothing. Similarly, cut away the top layer and strip the wire ends.
Separate the bunches of wire and attach the screws. If you have a special television cable, to a jar screw the core cable, and the other is a silver screening. Better to tie the cable to the keys, but not necessarily.
Tape the cable to the stick. It is not necessary but better to have the antenna collapsed at the crucial moment. Therefore, the tape should be pretty tight.
Insert the plug into the TV via the pass with the antenna around the apartment. Determine the most suitable location and mount the antenna.
The stick must be wooden. Aluminum and titanium ski poles are not suitable.

As antenna you can use just a piece of metal wire. The longer it is the better.

Cable ends can be soldered. This will improve the image quality.
Useful advice
Instead of a stick you can take, for example, a wooden hanger. Especially if

Banks better to take a liter, but it is possible and 0.75, 0.5 and 0.33. Banks will need to gently open without taking your keys. . The larger the Bank, the more channels you will be able to catch.

Banks need to wash and dry.

Instead of tape you can use a band-aid or duct tape.

Advice 2: How to make a antenna for TV

To view the TV need a quality signal, and therefore, you need a good antenna that will catch the signal and transmit to your TV. In order for the antenna to work properly, it needs to be agreed for a certain range of frequencies. The better your antenna and the better it is done, the brighter and better the TV picture on the screen. Wave the input impedance of the antenna should be aligned with the cable. To make a simple antenna with their own hands is not so difficult.
How to make a antenna for TV
Fabricate an antenna out of copper tape or tube. For antenna you can take any metal profile in a thin layer of the metal surface will spread high-frequency currents. Metal can be anything – you can use copper, bronze, steel, brass or aluminum part. Importantly, this part was flat and smooth. As aluminium is prone to formation of oxides, the most optimal materials for antennas are copper and brass.
Connect to the elements of the antenna coaxial cable and seal the connection points with the help of the plasticized epoxy resin to protect the connection from moisture.
After reassembly carefully degrease the surface of the antenna and paint it in several layers, to prevent corrosion of the metal. A good material for dyeing is an automotive enamel or nitroenamel.
Relate the impedance of the antenna with a characteristic impedance of the cable by means of a loop. Properly coordinated wave resistance of the cable and the antenna depends on how high-quality and uninterrupted image on the screen of your TV.
Find out what impedance has selected the cable, but don't take the cable with wave resistance of 75 Ohm.

Advice 3: How to make homemade TV antenna

If the bad TV shows a particular channel, do not immediately run to buy a new antenna. You can try to do it yourself. Who knows, she might even be able to outdo his dear colleagues of the factory production.
How to make homemade TV antenna
Make a homemade TVantenna out of empty beer cans. This is a very popular method that many use. The method consists in the following. Prepare the shielded cable is long enough to stretch from the TV to the balcony or window.
Take two empty beer cans. Banks should be dry inside. The main difficulty of this way to make a homemade TV antenna is to the inconvenience of fastening the cans. Solder them to the cable will fail. The screws in them are bad, so it is best to resort to less technical method of fixing.
Make the body of the antenna to make it easy to fix it. To do this you need an ordinary stick of medium length with a cross on the end, which you secure banks. So, to move the antenna, do in the banks in the two holes located next to each other.
Strip approximately 15-20 inches of insulation from the cable. Copper shielding coil in a single thick wire. With main cord remove about 5 inches of insulation. Wire-screening thread in the hole in one Bank, the second wire pass hole to the other Bank. Wrap them tight to not fall out. For greater reliability of fastening can solder. On the other side of the wire solder the connector to make it easy to connect the antenna to the TV.
Fasten the antenna on the balcony or on the reverse side of the window so that the reception quality of the signal was the best. In fact, the antenna can be made of any metal products, even from wire. Because the antenna can be (remember high-school physics) any open oscillating circuit. The more wire length and the width of its cross section, the better and better the signal reception. If you have a long thick wire, then you can use it as an antenna.
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