As before and as now

Until about the beginning of the zero years "improved" was considered any apartment, the area and the parameters more and more comfortable so-called "Khrushchev". It was flat with separate bathroom, kitchen of 6 meters with entrance from the corridor, the lack of walk-through rooms, presence of balcony or loggia.

Currently, all new buildings would be improved. But modern man's demand for comfort increased. The apartment is considered "improved design" when its configuration and the set of premises respond much more parameters than the minimum required by building codes.

What, how and how much

So, for modern apartments with an improved layout is characterized by spacious living rooms with good proportions. This is bedrooms a minimum of 12-15 m, in the living rooms of 20-30 m. the Room must be similar in dimensions to a square or rectangle with an aspect ratio of not more than 2:3. Premises should be well lit with large Windows and French balconies. In bedrooms it is desirable to have individual dressing rooms, bathrooms and toilets with the entrance directly from the room.

Kitchen in the "improved" apartments should be a minimum of 12 feet for one-bedroom apartments and 15 two and three. Maybe a combination of kitchen with dining room, then its area must be even more to thirty percent.

Improved the layout and significantly characterizes the presence in the apartment of auxiliary and ancillary facilities. This is a spacious hallways, lobbies, wide hallways. Closets, pantries, Laundry room give the apartment more comfort and functionality.

Number of bathrooms in the superior apartment is usually one less than rooms. While I share master bathrooms – located close to the bedrooms, and a guest – at the entrance and the living room. Toilets should not be adjacent to the kitchens. Separate or attached bathroom – currently it is a matter of preference of the owners, but not a sign of "lucchinetti".

Bathrooms can be quite spacious, with the possibility of installation of not only bath and shower, and sauna equipment.

Of course, improved layout necessarily implies the presence of balconies/loggias/terraces with a minimum width of 120 cm. ideally, each bedroom should have a balcony or loggia.

In addition to planning and functional characteristics of the apartment with an improved layout should be well oriented to the cardinal, to have attractive views from the Windows and a ceiling height of not less than 3 metres.