You will need
  • - the press-pliers is for crimping;
  • - network cable "twisted pair";
  • connector.
Prepare all the necessary tools to connect the connector. Mandatory you will need the press-pliers is for crimping. Without them to run the wire can unless professional network wizard.
Buy network cable, which is called usually a twisted pair because it consists of eight pairs of twisted wires. Well, be sure to take plenty of connectors because, as practice shows, the first time you connect them does not always work.
Strip the crimp end of the network cable. Enough to remove about one inch of shell. Be careful not to damage the wiring yourself. Separate them, and straighten. After that arrange them by color. The most common combination is white with orange orange white with green blue white with blue green white with brown brown. In some cases, depending on your router or modem combination can be different. To clarify this by reading the manual of the device.
Insert the wire colors in the connector. The connector place the crimping device and squeeze the handle. As a result, metal contacts are bent inward wires, in this occasion will be securely caught in the plastic mounts.
Gently pull cable to check the reliability of fastening. Perform the operation for crimping the other side of the twisted pair. While wiring is connected to the connector in a mirrored position of the flowers.
Connect one end of the network cable to the modem or router or computer and configure the network connection. If you connect two computers, then the order of the colors in the connector will be different. In this case, the combination will be such: white-orange orange white-green blue white-blue green white-brown brown. The second connector is connected by means of cross-combination, in which the outer and inner pair of cross.