You will need
  • knife, duct tape, a connector.
One of the simplest and efficient variant of the connection network cables – use connector. There are special miniature switches with two or three LAN ports. Connect both network cable to connect them.
If you absolutely do not want to purchase additional equipment, or the opportunity simply is not possible, connect the network cables yourself. Cut one end of each cable.
Clean off the outer insulation a short period of a network cable. You will see eight wires in the braid of different colors. Remove the insulation from each wire.
Make it so that you could see the color of the braid on each individual item. Do not cut the wire at the same level. If you've cleared, say, twelve inches cable length each wire should be 2, 4, 6 cm and so on.
Perform the same deletion of the braid with the second cable. In this case you need to cut the wires so that their length was inversely proportional to the length of the wires of the first cable. I.e. if the length of the blue wires of the first cable is 4 cm, and the other wire it should be 8 see
Pairwise connect each wire to its counterpart. Isolate each such strand with a special tape. The common connection also wrap with tape to prevent breaking twists.