You will need
  • Connect all interfaces and cables in the correct order.
Take the main cable designed for powering the system unit from the network. On one side is plug, the other end in the form of a trapezoid. It is necessary to turn to his system unit rear (back) side, where there is a lot of connectors like "Mama" and "Papa". Take the power cord, which connector is "mom" and to be attached to the male end, located at the top of the system unit. It is not necessary to connect it directly to the network.
How to connect the system unit
Set next to the system unit the monitor to connect the monitor to the system unit. For this we need the same power cable from the mains. The principle is the same, only now we connect the cable to the monitor. To the network also we do not connect.

Take the next cable to connect the monitor and system unit (the VGA cable). One side connected to the monitor, the other to the system unit before it is necessary to find the VGA connector on the system unit. After connecting this cable, tighten the plastic bolt with your fingers or a small screwdriver. This is necessary for continuous and stable signal.
How to connect the system unit
Connecting the keyboard and mouse are very similar. The only difference is the color of the plugs and sockets designed for these devices. Socket keyboard and mouse (PS/2)are located below the power socket of the system unit. The keyboard is purple color and mouse - green.

In recent years began to release devices under the USB interface. In this case everything is much simpler. You need to insert the plug you need a device (keyboard or mouse) to the USB port.
How to connect the system unit
The last stage of connection will be connecting the speakers and system unit. From the main column departs 2 cables - the power cable and the audio cable. We need to connect the audio cable to the system unit. Find a round green socket on the system unit and connect.

Now we need to connect all power cables to the outlet. Here you can use the network filter (pilot). After connecting all the devices to the system unit, we need to turn the computer on by pressing the button "Power" on the front panel of the computer.
How to connect the system unit