You will need
  • - Twisted pair;
  • Connector;
  • - Crimping tool.
Cut the cable the right length with a small margin. Clean it, cut off the braid about 2 cm. this can be Done the same crimp tool, which has a special blade designed for Stripping.
Rasplatita all the cores of the cable, sort the cores in pairs on the principle of white + color, color. For example, white-orange – orange. The sequence is as follows: blue, orange, green, brown. After sorting lived, then align them to the ledge over the insulation was the same.
To connect the cable to the connector, you need to take it the clip away from you and insert into the grooves of the wire, observing the above sequence. Veins should feel some resistance when inserting into the grooves and against the end wall. Braid of the cable must be clamped in the connector.
It remains only to insert the connector with cable into the crimper of the crimping device and crimp.
Be sure to check the cable is connected correctly. It is checked by the tester, in which is inserted the cable at both ends. If the lights are on, then the connection is made correctly.