Position the system unit so that you do not to the touch, and visually control the process of connecting to the back panel - you will need to see not only the location of the nests, but their color coded. Shut down your computer when it is not necessary, but if to access the back side of the system unit without removing the wiring does not work, then temporarily shut down.
Locate the nest. If the connection cable plug headphones has at the end of a narrow plug (miniJack), then you need to find a socket the same diameter that are marked green (light green) color-coded. If the plug has a larger diameter (3.5 mm), than Jack (2.5 mm), you will have to buy the appropriate adapter (40- $ 100.). If connecting the earphone wire ends flat plug of the USB connector, you can choose a specific USB port on the rear panel is not necessary, they are equivalent.
Boot the computer, if you disabled it. If not, wait a few seconds, needed by the operating system to identify the new connected device. As a rule, from the user to do anything else is not required, the headphones immediately after that will be ready to use.
If after connecting the headphones sound they are not at all or operates only one channel, there may be several reasons. One of them - the motherboard has built in sound card, which can't work with the standard driver installed in your computer operating system. Most often this problem is solved by installing the Realtec HD driver, which can be found in the accompanying software purchased headphones or motherboard. It is easy to find and the Internet is a free SOFTWARE made available from the manufacturer for free.