You will need
  • Computer, a set of wires.
At the initial stage you have to decompose separately the wires that are attached to the computer and examine the rear panel of the system unit. In principle, the connection of devices to the system unit there is nothing complicated to determine the right connector for the particular wire will not be easy.
To attach the monitor to the system unit, you need to find the wire on each end which will be mounted the same plug. One end of the wire connects to the corresponding connector on the monitor, the other to the same output on the system unit.
Speaker system, keyboard and mouse to connect is also quite easy. If you notice, the individual plug has its own specific color, each of which will correspond to the colors of the connectors on the system unit.
After the sound system and other devices will be connected, is to connect a computer to the network. The set of cables must be two of the same cord (one side is equipped with a plug for the socket, the other plug for connection to the device). These wires are used to connect the system unit and monitor to the network. First connect the cords to the devices, only then can insert them into the socket. Connecting the subwoofer also does not cause any complications device included in the network standard plug and the speaker connections are schematically displayed on his back.