Determine the type of your future buyer. Its characteristics depend primarily on the kind of caviar. For example, sturgeon is a very thin layer of very wealthy people. According marketers regularly black caviar may only purchase 1% of the population, and to feast - 4%. So, to build a sales system is necessary, focusing on the principles of promoting premium brands. Red caviar of salmon fishes is a more democratic product, it is already on the tables of most of the population. Third place in popularity among Russians is pike caviar, but this is a proposal for an Amateur connoisseur of fish dishes.
Read the regulations and requirements of production of eggs. Standard requires that after salting the eggs were in jars for months. There are THE technical conditions allowing to produce canned frozen eggs. As a result of its taste quality is reduced, but decreases the cost.
Organize outlets for sale cask of eggs in bulk for several months after the fishing season. You can do it at fairs, markets or rent a place in a grocery store. Note that caviar made according to GOST and not Sanatana in banks, should be sold within four months.
Negotiate with companies in the hospitality industry. It is hotels, restaurants and cafes - one of the most likely consumers of luxury products. Choose enterprise in accordance with the status of your product: premium, elite or economy.
Find out the terms on which we take the goods on realization of the trade network. The choice of the form of supermarkets depends on the intended portrait of the consumer. Explore the market of caviar in several regions of the country.
Put your offer in the Internet. Contact the online stores that deal with food, and agree on the terms of cooperation. Their sites will take over the promotion and search of customers. You will only have time to ship the product.
Make a marketing plan to promote your product. Use stock, wine, sales. Consider an advertising campaign, if you came up with this business for a long time.