You will need
  • - crushed ice.
The ideal temperature for storing caviar: from -2 to -1 degrees Celsius. Most household refrigerators are unable to reduce the temperature to a level at, so you will have to put extra efforts all the time that you will be storing black eggs.
Find the coldest place in the refrigerator. Probably it will be either on the middle or on the bottom shelf. Buy or freeze a large amount of ice. Fill the crushed ice packs and put them in a bowl. Place the jar of caviar on top of the ice packs and put in the refrigerator for a pre-selected location. From time to time check the ice in the bowl and replace the melted frozen.
Keep black caviar in the freezer because the eggs after thawing will burst. Don't be afraid that the eggs will freeze to ice in the refrigerator at this temperature the salt will not allow her to do so.
In closed jars black caviar is stored from 30 to 90 days but after 30 days of storage, even in sealed containers, eggs are losing the taste, after two months of storage, these changes can feel and not gourmet. Try to open and eat the eggs well before this deadline to get the product for maximum enjoyment.
Open black caviar store in glass jars, closing the lid or tightening the cling film, also on ice. Shelf life in this case does not exceed 3 days, so try not to buy black caviar "for the future".