Advice 1: How to store caviar

Black caviar is not only expensive delicacy, but also extremely delicate and perishable product. Proper storage of caviar will keep its fine taste and delicate flavor.

How to store caviar
You will need
  • - crushed ice.
The ideal temperature for storing caviar: from -2 to -1 degrees Celsius. Most household refrigerators are unable to reduce the temperature to a level at, so you will have to put extra efforts all the time that you will be storing black eggs.
Find the coldest place in the refrigerator. Probably it will be either on the middle or on the bottom shelf. Buy or freeze a large amount of ice. Fill the crushed ice packs and put them in a bowl. Place the jar of caviar on top of the ice packs and put in the refrigerator for a pre-selected location. From time to time check the ice in the bowl and replace the melted frozen.
Keep black caviar in the freezer because the eggs after thawing will burst. Don't be afraid that the eggs will freeze to ice in the refrigerator at this temperature the salt will not allow her to do so.
In closed jars black caviar is stored from 30 to 90 days but after 30 days of storage, even in sealed containers, eggs are losing the taste, after two months of storage, these changes can feel and not gourmet. Try to open and eat the eggs well before this deadline to get the product for maximum enjoyment.
Open black caviar store in glass jars, closing the lid or tightening the cling film, also on ice. Shelf life in this case does not exceed 3 days, so try not to buy black caviar "for the future".
Useful advice
A rule stating that black caviar need to get it and there's only mother of pearl, wood or bone spoon – tradition and superstition. It has no justification, as the eggs are perfectly stored in metal jars. However, if you eat it with a spoon, then it really is better to take those whose metallic taste won't kill the delicate taste of the delicacy.

Advice 2: How to distinguish the real black caviar

Black caviar is an expensive and rare delicacy. Therefore, some unscrupulous sellers try to capitalize on unsuspecting buyers by selling them fake goods. But there are ways to determine if the eggs you are offering.
How to distinguish the real black caviar
Choose the right place to make a purchase. It is best to buy such an expensive item like caviar in the store. On the market you can find the product cheaper, but the chances to buy a fake will be much more.
Pay attention to the price. Black caviar can't cost too cheap. Even in online stores it is sold at a price not lower than 2000 rubles per 50 grams according for 2012. Significantly lower price may indicate the sale of illegal products, eggs, which expired shelf life, or even of imitation seaweed.
Check the packaging of the product. It should be glass or metal, with tin lid. As for the Russian manufacturer of the product must be specified factory, located in the region of producing caviar. If the manufacturer claims that the product is produced in Central Russia, is most likely a fake. Pay attention to the name of the species of fish which is attributed to ROE. Do not trust the manufacturer, if he says that it is Beluga caviar - fishing for this fish species and the collection of her calf is prohibited by law. Therefore, such a product just cannot be represented on store shelves.
If you doubt the quality ask the seller a certificate on this products. In its absence, the product is not worth buying.
If you have already purchased the eggs, and want to understand. if it's genuine, examine its appearance. Eggs must be rather large, loose. The Bank should not be large amounts of fluid. They should be easy to burst in your mouth. At the stage of tasting to distinguish artificial eggs are the easiest - it is, in contrast to the present, has a jelly-like structure and cannot burst due to the lack of shell. Also, artificial eggs can vary in smell from this. It is often added too many flavors, and it becomes stand the smell of fish, which is absent in the natural product.

Advice 3: Why black caviar is not sold in stores

Once that Russia was the main supplier of black caviar on the world market. Beluga, sturgeon, sterlet, stellate sturgeon and their caviar was considered traditional for Russian cuisine. But already in the times of the Soviet Union caviar was a rarity and a delicacy, and after its collapse, with the beginning of the barbaric poaching of its production, and it became practically unavailable. The population of sturgeon in the Caspian sea is under threat of extinction, and the production of black caviar was banned.
Why black caviar is not sold in stores

The ban as an attempt to restore the population of sturgeon

Until 80-ies of the last century, the Soviet Union occupied a leading position in sturgeon fishing, the main population is in the Caspian sea. Every year there are caught up to 28,000 tonnes of sturgeon, supplying to the world market for 2500 tons of delicious caviar, but in 1981 production was already 16850 tons, and in 1996 this number decreased to 1094 tons.

Natural recovery of the population, which began to decline much earlier – already in 50-h years, is not happening because of Perevalova, poaching, pollution of the environment. In the 90-ies with the collapse of the Soviet Union began absolutely predatory and barbaric fishing of this fish, which is simply not allowed to breed. The result of such illegal caviar production was a catastrophic decrease in the number of sturgeon. If by 1992 it amounted to 200 thousand individuals, by 2007, according to estimates of ichthyologists, sturgeon in the Caspian sea was only 5 thousand.
With the development of aquaculture of endangered populations of sturgeon began to recover.

In August 2007 in Russia and other countries of the Caspian basin began to act a ten-year ban on sturgeon fishing and export of caviar. In 2010, the international ecological organization was introduced for countries making the greatest efforts to restore the population of sturgeon in the Caspian sea, quotas. According to him, Russia got the right to export up to 22 tons of caviar, but a leader in its production today is Iran.
On display in the store sturgeon caviar presented in a dummy, since it must be stored at a temperature of -2 C. Buyers, of course, give the banks to the real caviar.

Black caviar in stores

But black caviar as sturgeon and sterlet, all the same you can buy in the store. This is the fish that is bred artificially in aquaculture technologies. According to this technology, for the receipt of eggs of the female sturgeon is an operation resembling a caesarean section, after which the fish does not die, but continues to live and at least 2-3 times it is possible to obtain caviar. However this is not completely natural way of producing caviar does not make it cheap. Price for 500 gram jar of caviar is about 22-25 thousand rubles. Of course, you can buy it can afford not everyone. However, a commercially available fresh sturgeon and sturgeon, and salmon hot or cold smoked from this fish are willing to buy. The cost is in the range of 2000 rubles for 1 kilogram.

Advice 4: What is black salt

Black salt is a dark powder gray, sometimes beige or pink color with a smell of hydrogen sulphide (or cooked, slightly spoiled, eggs). It's not salt in the traditional sense, but rather a mineral mixture in which sodium chloride is only one component. In some countries, namely black salt prefer to use when cooking, because it is, according to its adherents, safer and more useful.
What is black salt

The taste and smell of black salt

When we first met the taste and smell of black salt cause rejection, they are so repulsive. The taste is not as salty as other salts and leaves a pronounced metallic taste. Because black salt is of volcanic origin, and the fragrance carries in itself suitable, i.e., is dominated by notes of sulphur, dried garlic and asafetida (spice with resinous garlic-onion smell). However, after heat treatment "bouquet" is a little sweeter and resembles a soft smell of earth.

Useful properties of black salt

Due to relatively low content of sodium chloride in the composition of black salt, this mineral blend (powder) is the smallest risk compared to other salts. She does not delay in the body fluid is not deposited on the joints. Potassium, iron, iodine and other macro - and micronutrients included in the composition of black salt, significantly improves the digestive system, have a beneficial effect on intestinal peristalsis, thereby getting rid of constipation and excessive gas formation.

In accordance with the canons of ancient medical science – Ayurveda - volcanic black salt contains the elements of fire and water and not only supports digestion, but also mental clarity to a ripe old age.

A number of scientists believe that black salt can improve blood circulation, relieve acute poisoning, normalize blood pressure, remove heavy metals. To do this, just in the morning 10 minutes before Breakfast to take inside salt solution (1 teaspoon per Cup of water). A great therapeutic effect produces black salt when taking a salt bath: all mineral substances contained in it enter the human body through the skin. Such baths are shown in asthma, skin diseases, and also for active excretion of toxins.

In the countries of Eastern and Asian black salt is often used instead of the usual. Crushed mineral powder, seasoned vegetables, yogurt, be sure to add in chutneys - Indian national condiment made of fruits or vegetables with vinegar and spices, sometimes with honey and curry.

Black Thursday salt

Not to be confused with black sea salt volcanic salt, also called black, but prigotavlivaemy hand-made. In Russia traditionally it was prepared in anticipation of Easter on Maundy Thursday. It still bears the name of chetvergova salt. For its preparation take a large rock salt and made it in the oven with cabbage leaves, rye bread, kvass grounds or herbs. After the mixture was charred, it is pounded and sifted. The finished salt was sanctified along with Easter cakes and eggs.

Advice 5: How much is caviar

Black caviar is one of the most expensive delicacies in the world. Her presence on the table testifies to the high status and the price every year is rapidly growing.
How much is caviar

What is caviar?

Black caviar is divided into various types according to taste, size, colour, aroma and, of course, on the type of fish. Above all prized silvery white sturgeon caviar, which is the largest eggs, refined taste and lack specific fragrance. Dark bronze sturgeon caviar is not so large and has a noticeable characteristic odor. Least appreciated of stellate sturgeon eggs with the tiny black fish eggs and a strong smell and taste.

The type of treatment all that caviar can be divided into yastik, pressed and granular. Yastik is the ROE, which has not been cleaned from the film, the caviar could make the unprepared person unpleasant first impression due to the presence in it of foreign inclusions. Pressed caviar is made from the fat of grain stellate sturgeon, and in some cases of a mixture of sturgeon and stellate sturgeon eggs. Caviar is made from elastic, sturdy, uniform in color and size of eggs. This game is pasteurized, add preservatives, which allows it to be stored up to eight months in a closed form.
Ninety percent of all black caviar produced in the Caspian sea.

How much could it cost?

When buying caviar, pay attention to its packaging. All legal caviar is characterized cans ninety grams and in a glass with a capacity of one hundred and thirteen, fifty-six and twenty-eight grams. The lids of these containers differ in color. Beluga caviar can be found under the blue caps, sturgeons under a yellow, and stellate sturgeon under red.

Since caviar is produced from fresh raw material, which does not involve a technologically advanced method of freezing, it is made of the company, located close to the coast. Almost the entire Russian black caviar is produced in a limited number of plants, which are located in the Volgograd, Astrakhan and Kalmykia. If the place of production of black caviar listed Saint-Petersburg or Moscow, you fake that was made from frozen raw or diluted gelatin, artificial caviar.

The cost of the product acts as an important source of information. For example, a kilogram of Beluga caviar (the catch of which is prohibited in Russia) in Russia can cost up to thousands of euros, and abroad — five to seven thousand. Russian sturgeon caviar in supermarkets in Russian cities worth about five hundred euros per kilogram, in the U.S. it will have to pay about fifteen hundred dollars. The most common stellate sturgeon caviar is in online stores about two hundred euros per kilo.
Black caviar includes a complete set of important for the human body amino acids.

Production of black caviar is actively engaged in poaching. In fact, every legal jar of caviar falls from twelve to twenty-poaching. These hunters for profit seriously reduce the stock of sturgeon, which inevitably affects the price of legal caviar.

Advice 6: What to eat caviar

Black caviar, which is extracted from fish of the sturgeon family, today get has become quite difficult, and prices just skyrocketed. Meanwhile, gourmets and ordinary Soviet citizens still remember the intense and unique taste of this delicacy, which is disclosed in full, if you eat this treat all the rules and to combine it with suitable foods.
What to eat caviar

As it is customary to eat black caviar

Black caviar has a very special delicate salty taste that almost needs no "design" other products. All that is required in its consumption – any alcoholic beverage. In traditional Russian cuisine this delicacy was always a bit of vodka. However, in European countries, caviar is usually used solely with sparkling Brut from the champagne region - it is believed that only this wine can harmoniously set off the taste of this seafood.

And real gourmets prefer to eat caviar spoons. Not only Cutlery, and small silver. According to their statement just such a metal does not affect the quality of the taste of this delicacy. Very black caviar in this case, placed in small glass, ceramic or silver ikornitsy, which is placed in a dish, studded with crushed ice. The latter supports the optimal temperature of the Goodies and contributes to the preservation of its unique taste.

Another option for foodies – eating black caviar with raw oysters. In this case, the last open served together with slices of fresh lemon and a separate filled with black caviar a bowl. Before you eat the contents of the oysters, it must be sprinkled with lemon juice and put a spoon of black caviar. This dish is also served with Brut.

In Russia black caviar was eaten with pancakes – this appetizer could not be better suited to vodka. Later, this delicacy began to spread on bread with butter. Latest product, by the way, is able to protect the stomach from poisoning if the eggs were not very good quality.

Also caviar is eaten with crackers, served in tarts or profiteroles – small size fresh pastries from choux pastry. In this case, the treat instead of butter often make a special delicate cream that consists of soft cheese and whipping cream. In addition, the eggs can also be eaten with olives and herbs.

Use black caviar

The ROE of sturgeon, especially Beluga and sturgeon, valued not only for its taste but also for the presence of a huge number of nutrients. This is a real storehouse of minerals: iodine, zinc, iron, manganese, silicon, sodium, potassium, phosphorus and calcium. It is rich in vitamins a, D, b group and e, As containing in it has high protein value and easily digested. This is why this product is useful for strengthening the immune system, particularly after a long illness. Calorie breakdown black caviar is 236 kcal per 100 g of product, granular and slightly below – 200 kcal.
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