You will need
  • - caviar Beluga, sturgeon, stellate sturgeon or sterlet;
  • Sol.
Make a cut with a sharp knife along the belly of a fresh fish. It is very important not to damage the film, which is the ROE, and to prevent jaundice. Remove the eggs from the belly of the fish, separate from the guts, then remove from the foil, RUB through a sieve (in industrial production are used for this mesh on a frame with a specific size of cells through which pass the eggs) and put it in a glass dish.
Pour the eggs fine dry table salt in a ratio of 5% by weight of caviar. Ambassador lasts a few minutes, the eggs are ready, but keep it as a salted product, in the home difficult, as the storage temperature should be maintained strictly to - 3oC. Put salted eggs in a small glass container, hermetically ocuparte and pasteurize eggs at least two times.
Prepare pressed caviar: carefully remove the eggs from the fish, peel the eggs in the film from other viscera, rinse, then roll in salt and place on the salt (total salt at 10% by weight of caviar in the film). Make Ambassador in this dish, so the juice ran freely. Remove the salted eggs in the film from the salt, leave it in a cool place at a temperature of 5-6оС to provalitsya and dry, then the dried out eggs free from film, crush with a pestle. To obtain a homogeneous mass, add a small amount of warm brine and slightly extrude eggs laid in the gauze under the Board with the cargo.
Yastik prepare the eggs: remove the eggs in the film (ROE) of the fish, separate from the innards, rinse, pour over boiling water and salt in a strong brine (not less than 15% by weight of ovary). Store eggs in brine in a cool place to eat, not separating film.
Trinity cook the eggs: remove the eggs from the fresh fish, pass through a sieve, separating the tape, fill with warm strong brine, stir and drain in a sieve or colander, allow to drain completely. Fully dehydrated eggs ocuparte tightly into sterilized glass jars and store in the fridge.