The most expensive caviar in the world

Black Beluga caviar is considered to be one of the most delicious and useful. However, it does not compare to the caviar of Beluga-albino, which is almost no smell of fish is different and completely unique taste and color. The caviar of this fish has a light cream color, cast in pure gold, so it is often called the Golden. She is incredibly tender, and the taste has notes of hazelnut. All the eggs are almost identical in size and easily separated from each other.
According to the statement of those who have ever tried the caviar, it is impossible to compare with anything, and the taste of her to remember.

Caviar of Beluga-the albino

Ordinary white sturgeon brought in the Red book and their fishing is forbidden by law, because the number of these fish was greatly reduced by poachers. And the Beluga-albino, and all are rare. To get their eggs, these special fish bred for many years the only company in the world - the Iranian firm Iranian Caviar House.

Their products Iranian Caviar House packs in small jars rounded shape that produces pure gold 998 samples. This package is perfectly suited to this unique product, both in color and in value. And written on it Almas, which fully corresponds to the given product.

The cost of Beluga caviar-albino

The price of this Golden calf on the world market of nearly 44,000 U.S. dollars per kilogram of product. This is because the age of fish, caviar, which used to be about 100 years old. The average age of belugas is 60-80 years, so longevity among the representatives of this type not so much.

Despite this higher cost, wanting to try this expensive delicacy very much. However, to buy caviar Beluga-albino, even for such fabulous money, will have to wait at least four years – so big turn this valuable product.
Once the caviar of Beluga-the albino could afford only the richest rulers of countries. In the East it was served only to the Shah, and for the sample without the permission of the perpetrator cut off his hand.

Every year in Europe comes only 10 kilos of this delicacy. Of these, 1.8 kg buys London restaurant Caviar House & Prunier. But to try it there, you need to be a very influential person, not just a wealthy visitor. Serve this delicacy exclusively on a Golden platter – worthy design of this product.