To calculate compensation for unused vacation, you must first calculate the number of unused vacation days. When the dismissal of an employee who worked in one company for more than 11 months, he is entitled to compensation in the amount of his average daily salary, multiplied by the total number of vacation days. Average daily salary is the sum of all monthly salaries for the year divided by 12 and by 29.4 (the average number of days in the month). In other cases, compensation is calculated Pro rata to the period.
Generally, the issue is equal to 28 calendar days. In this case, for each month of work relies 2.33 day holiday. If the employee is dismissed on the last day of the month, that month is included in the calculation period. If not, then the incomplete month counting not taken into account.
Compensation to those who have worked for the company for less than 11 months prorated based on hours worked. Ie of 2.33 multiplied by the number of full months worked and average salary. If, for example, the employee worked for the company six months and not used put a vacation, he must give compensation for 14 days leave (with the multiplication of 2.33 on the number of months the product is rounded up). Compensation will be calculated by multiplying his average daily wage at 14.
In addition to compensation for unused vacation, the employee is entitled to grant a salary for the work period in the last month. For this month the salary is to be divided by the number of working days in that month and then multiplied by the number of days worked. For example, if the employee's salary is 50,000 rubles, and a month has 22 working days, of which they worked out 6, then you need 50000 divided by 22 (we get about 2273 rubles) and multiply by 6 (derived 13638 rubles).