You will need
  • data on the average monthly salary, calculator
Calculate the number of days of vacationfor which compensation is payable. Start with the first day of work in the organization and will finish last. If an employee has worked, for example, 8 months and 17 days (when the amount is more than the last half of the month, it is rounded up to one month), the compensation is calculated on the basis of 9 months according to the following formula: 28 / 12 x 9 = 21. In this case, 28 is the number of calendar days, 12 – calendar months 9 – number of months worked during the billing period.
Calculate the average daily earnings. If an employee has worked one or more months not completely, count the number of calendar days in them according to the formula: 29,4 / (calendar days not spent in the month x number of working days of them), where to 29.4 - the average monthly number of calendar days. In our case: 29,4 / (17 x 11) = 0,15.
Substitute the data obtained in the following formula: average daily SN = average SN / (8 x 29,4 x 0.15), where 8 fully used; to 29.4 - the average monthly number of calendar days; 0.15 and the number of calendar days in the not fully exhaust the month (see step 2).
According to Tax accounting for your business, the amount of compensation for unused vacation is the multiplicand of the daily average salary (step 3) and the number of days for which it reimbursed (step 1).