Compensation for unused vacation is calculated based on the average earnings for the 12 months that have been worked out before the settlement period. If the employee did not use vacation for the previous years, the average-earnings calculation is made not for the years of unused vacation, and for the last year, even if you were previously lower wages.
The settlement amount includes all the funds that were withheld and paid insurance contributions and taxes. The amount received in social benefits, are not taken into account. You need the entire earned amount for the 12 months that have been worked out before the calculation, to fold and divide by 365. The resulting figure is multiplied by the number of days that must be paid for unused days of vacation.
An employee who has not worked for 12 months, must calculate and pay compensation for unused leave for time actually worked. For spent the days in the month, which is more than 15 paid the amount of compensation for the entire month, at least 15 days in a month – the period for the payment of compensation is not considered.
You need to divide 28 by 12, you get the amount that is paid in one month, that is, of 2.33. Average earnings is calculated from the actual money earned. The amount received in social security benefits in calculating total earnings are not taken into account, and to share the need for the number of calendar days in the calculation period.