For dislocation of the thumb is characterized by sharp pain, limitation and impossibility of movement of a joint, changing its shape. When you try to play the motion in the joint pain increases sharply.

First aid in case of open dislocation of the thumb lies in the imposition of antiseptic dressings. If the dislocation is closed, or wrap the brush in a thick layer of cotton and not tight primenjuje finger to the brush. This must be done so that the position of the broken finger did not change when movement and shocks. To the affected area can be applied a hot water bottle with cold water or ice. You can use cold water soaked towel.

The dislocation should be reduced immediately. Therefore, the victim should seek help from a doctor.

The most common cases here are a dislocated thumb. The elimination of this dislocation, the surgeon makes an under the influence of anesthesia or conduction anesthesia.

Rarely dislocated 1 finger to straighten the normal method fails (for example, if you pinched the tendons of the long flexor of the finger, torn ligaments or joint capsule). In this situation, the reduction occurs by means of surgical intervention.

After elimination of dislocation of the thumb the last fixed wire bus Böhler (or Palmar splint made of plaster) and leave it for 7-10 days. After that the patient are appointed massage, physiotherapy and physiotherapy. The ability to work the finger is restored in about a month.

Much rarer dislocations at the metacarpophalangeal joints of 2-5 fingers and dislocations in the interphalangeal joints. Fundamental differences in the treatment of these dislocations from the rest is not. Their elimination also takes place under local anesthesia.

After reduction is applied to the tire of Thighs in two weeks. Further prescribe a course of rehabilitation therapy. The ability to work is returned no earlier than after 4-5 weeks.

If not promptly seek help to the doctor, chronic dislocations always are removed by surgical treatment (arthroplasty). Sometimes it is necessary to perform arthrodesis of the joint in a functionally advantageous position.