Click the "start" button, which is located in the lower left corner of the screen. Select "Standard". If you do not see the inscription "Standard" in the drop-down list, first click on "All programs." Then, in the list of installed programs, select the "Standard".
Click on the tab "accessibility" and select "magnifier". After that, you will see a window with the enlarged image in front of you objects. The application window initially will be stretched to the entire screen area.
In order to view the items in that part of the screen which is not visible in the window "magnifier", move the cursor with the mouse in the desired direction. To zoom an image, press on the circle with a plus. If you want to zoom out the image, then click the circle with the minus.
In order to increase the whole screen, only some certain area, go to the menu "Views" and select "Increase". In this mode, the magnifier will move with the cursor. In the window of the program will be displayed in an enlarged view of only the objects near the pointer.
If you want to "magnifier" was fixed in any part of the screen, the menu "Types" section, select "Fixed". This operation will make the location of the program window by moving the cursor.
In order to control the "Screen magnifier" with the keyboard, click the gear icon in the program menu and in the list that appears, select "Follow keyboard focus". Now when you press the proper arrow in the window of the magnifier will be shown on your screen.
If you need to increase the process text input, also tick the label "magnifier follow the text insertion point". This feature will allow typing to do without using the mouse or the arrow keys.