In order to open a new document in Microsoft Word, if its icon is in the quicklaunch bar (the area on the taskbar, located to the right of the "start" button), you simply need to click on the program icon with the left mouse button.
Open a new document in Microsoft Word from the quick launch can be the other way. If you click on the program icon, right-click, a dropdown menu will appear where you will need to select the first item "Open".
You can also "start menu" to display all programs and select "Microsoft Office". When the cursor is in the specified folder in the resulting submenu, click the left mouse button on the name of the program Microsoft Office Word (and the year). For the same purpose you can use the right mouse button, when you click on the name of the program will be an additional menu in which to choose the Open command.
If a text editor Microsoft Office Word is already running, then open the saved document in several ways. For quick access to the dialog box (which can move in the usual mode), press "Ctrl" and "O".
Also open the document by clicking the Microsoft Office icon in the upper left corner of the window and select "Open".
In versions of Microsoft Office Word prior to 2007, the toolbar made the icon as a folder – clicking on this icon can also be display a dialog box and to open necessary document.
If you want to open a Microsoft Office file from the folder where you saved it, click on its icon with the left mouse button or select the menu command "Open" using the right mouse button.
If the editor is started and you want to open a new clean document, use the command "Create", clicking on it with the left mouse button or use the shortcut "Ctrl" and "N". In versions prior to 2007 in the toolbar for the same purpose there is an icon in the form of a clean slate.