Call the main system menu by pressing the "start" button, to determine the executable file of the buffer of exchange Windows and open the link "All programs". Expand "accessories" and launch the "Windows Explorer". Follow the path imacelebrity:Windowssystem32 and locate the file with the name clipbrd.exe. Run the application found.
Use the following function key combinations to perform the necessary actions with the application past in it as Ctrl and V to paste to the clipboard; Ctrl and C to copy into clipboard; Ctrl and X to cut the necessary fragment to the clipboard. To perform operations clear the clipboard, open the menu "edit" upper service panel of the program window and select the Delete command. Authorize the selected action by pressing "Yes" in the opened query window system.
Go to the node "All programs" and expand the link Microsoft Office to run the tool "Clipboard" in Word. Start Word and open the "Main" upper service panel of the application window. Open the utility by clicking the arrow near the string "Clipboard" and specify the saved in the clipboard objects. Remember that by default, the number of elements stored may not exceed 24. Specify the object to be pasted into the selected document, and use the special "Insert" button in the panel.
Download not require installation of a specialized program CLCL designed to extend the functionality of built-in utility for the Windows clipboard. Unzip it and run the executable file CLCL.exe. Wait until you see the icons of installed apps in the notification area, and call the main program window by double-clicking. Select "Magazine" in a list the left pane of the application window CLCL and locate the items stored in the clipboard.