If you are using a Linux operating system, perhaps all that is necessary to operate the tuner you already have. Type your command line in the command xawtv. If the tuner is determined by the system and the program Xawtv is, soon will appear on the screen a small window, and the picture is similar to that observed in the unadjusted screen TV.
To configure the program Xawtv on a particular channel, use the keys with vertical arrows. tuning within the selected channel, perform keys with horizontal arrows. Using the right mouse button displays the shortcut menu to change the settings of the program. First and foremost, you need to select the TV standard (Russia - D/K) and a coding system of colors (for most channels in Russia - SECAM). If misconfigured, there will be no sound or color. Note that the SECAM system, some tuners do not support - then look no color you will have all the channels.
If the kernel support for your existing tuner, but no program Xawtv download it from the following page: the interface you don't like it, use the more modern application Tvtime:
In Windows most efficiently used to operate the TV tuner software package included in the package. Locate in the packing box of the CD-ROM is located and run it the setup file. You can also visit the website of the manufacturer of the tuner and download the software. The order of the application depends on its version.
In the case of buying a used tunerand if the program disc is lost, and the manufacturer's website is closed to run the card in Windows using the program Kastor TV. To do this, download it from the following page: her through the Setup menu - Preferences select the model of the tuner, the TV standard and the coding system of the picture. Perform auto-tuning channels using the menu item Channels - Channels list. Further configured to switch the keys plus and minus.