You will need
  • the firmware program;
  • cable to connect to the computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
To view lost channels on the receiver Svec turn on your receiver and go to the main menu. Select configuration settings and go to input code.
Select among the options the type of keys that you want to enter to view the channels and press the button with the add command at the bottom. Enter the key to decrypt, and then click on the menu button. Next, press and hold info. In the appeared field enter the provider's name and save the change.
To gain access to the advanced settings of the receiver Svec, run it flashing. This is done using a special null-modem cable, which you can purchase in the points of sale of radio or home appliance stores, computer and the Internet.
Download the software to your device model along with a program to perform the procedure flashing (in this case Svec TiniTools).
Install it on your computer, and then connect the device via cable. Select in the settings the connection port and the model, if necessary, change other settings depending on the configuration of your model.
Copy the device's existing firmware to your computer. This is done just in case in order to avoid further data loss and to be able to go back to the original setting. In order to determine whether the recognized device in the system, look at the color of the lower indicator window which should be painted in green.
Follow erasing the old program the firmware of the receiver, and then download the new version. After replacing the software switch on the device and configure the channels any way you like. Do not use jailbreak your idevice to get access to free view channels - it is illegal.