Advice 1: How to set the receiver svec

For a more simple configuration in the receiver channel Svec you can use a conventional input access codes. Please note that in some models there is no program in which to enter the keys.
How to set the receiver svec
You will need
  • the firmware program;
  • cable to connect to the computer;
  • - access to the Internet.
To view lost channels on the receiver Svec turn on your receiver and go to the main menu. Select configuration settings and go to input code.
Select among the options the type of keys that you want to enter to view the channels and press the button with the add command at the bottom. Enter the key to decrypt, and then click on the menu button. Next, press and hold info. In the appeared field enter the provider's name and save the change.
To gain access to the advanced settings of the receiver Svec, run it flashing. This is done using a special null-modem cable, which you can purchase in the points of sale of radio or home appliance stores, computer and the Internet.
Download the software to your device model along with a program to perform the procedure flashing (in this case Svec TiniTools).
Install it on your computer, and then connect the device via cable. Select in the settings the connection port and the model, if necessary, change other settings depending on the configuration of your model.
Copy the device's existing firmware to your computer. This is done just in case in order to avoid further data loss and to be able to go back to the original setting. In order to determine whether the recognized device in the system, look at the color of the lower indicator window which should be painted in green.
Follow erasing the old program the firmware of the receiver, and then download the new version. After replacing the software switch on the device and configure the channels any way you like. Do not use jailbreak your idevice to get access to free view channels - it is illegal.
Useful advice
If you have never flashed a receiver, download the service manual for your model.

Advice 2: How to set the receiver

A satellite dish is purchased, the receiver is unpacked, and in order to take in the abundance and diversity of TV channels it remains to configure the receiver.
How to set the receiver

The most complex and delicate part of the configuration is correct and accurate alignment of the antenna to the satellite. The fact that the deviation of the antenna with a diameter of 90 cm only 1 degree from the optimal direction leads to a weakening of the signal by half, and the tools used for antenna pointing, have a much more significant error. This means that the instrument points the antenna is possible only approximately, and the final setting should be based on the actual level of the received signal.

  1. Connect the receiver to the TV receiver, set the TV so that menu was on the screen. Tune will specify the frequency of the local oscillator, as the input of the receiver receives a signal equal to the difference between frequencies of the satellite signal and the local oscillator of the Converter. Open installation of the antenna (or Antenna Settings Antenna Setup) and set the lo frequency.

  2. Click the search channels (Channel Search) and specify the signal parameters of the satellite, which in this area is definitely accepted. Scale the quality of the signal appeared on the screen to set up. Rotate the antenna until the quality scale will not show a result different from zero. It remains to bring the antenna so that the signal reached a maximum value, to fix its position and to search for channels. It will not hurt to make sure that "caught" you need a friend, because different satellites are the same parameters of the signals. Follow the signal level during final tightening of the bolts: this operation is dangerous because the antenna can lead the way.

  3. "Search" of the channels is actually not so much as download it to your device memory data on the characteristics of satellite programs. This data is transmitted in the signal and must be correctly recognized by the receiver. They can also be entered manually (manual search, Manual Search), which is more time consuming, but reliable. Automatically adjust the receiver easier, but it may take more time. The most effective is the network search (Network Search), but not all companions support him (NTV support, and Yamal ).

Advice 3: How to set up your receiver for free channels

Today, satellite dishes are popular among many people. This is especially true of those living in remote areas that are not available with cable TV. Thanks to the wide choice of channels, each user receiver can pick up the best option. Now through a satellite dish you can find both paid and free TVchannels approximately the same quality.
How to set up your receiver for free channels
Configuring the receiver to receive the free channels require you to have certain skills and patience.
To configure the receiver for free channels, first of all, install a satellite dish and set it on one of the satellites provided by the operator. Next on the menu of the receiver click scan satellite. Then there should appear a window with a choice of ways of scanning: automatic, manual search, network search and blind search. Select one of the options and click "Start scan".
The receiver will give you all TVchannelsavailable on the selected satellite. They generally fall into two main groups: free and paid. Choose all free TVchannelsthat you like, and customize each button on the remote to a specific TV channel. Periodically re-scanning for the appearance of new free channels.
If the above method is not very much, to the satellite operator should be all the settings of free TV channels, the retransmission of which it carries out. Make a note of these settings. Then enter the menu of the receiverin manual search, and in turn enter the settings for all available channels. Thus, you gradually fill in the entire grid broadcast free TV channels. It is advisable to choose paid satellite TV, as at the moment, for a small fee you get a really good and informative rich television product that will not let you get bored at any time of the day.Satellite receivers and TV receivers can be purchased separately at an electronics store or during installation of the plate to order the receiver from the satellite operator. Many different models of receivers available on the market, allows each customer to choose for themselves this option is well suited both in price and technical characteristics.

Advice 4: How to set the antenna svec

Satellite TV is the perfect solution for those who want to see a large number of television channels that meet the needs of the whole family. Enough to buy a satellite antenna Svec, DVB-card and receiver, then to call the master or to configure the device yourself. Setup is very easy and does not require special professional skills.
How to set the antenna svec
Select the location to install satellite dish Svec. Remember that it must be aimed to the South side and not overlapping the buildings, trees or other obstacles to the signal. The best option is the roof of the house.
Prepare the anchor bolts, the bracket and drill to attach the antenna to the desired location. Bracket install horizontal or vertical position. Attach it to a satellite antenna, and then connect the Converter and the coaxial cable that will later connect to receiver.
Find the direction angle of the satellite antenna to receive signals. This will decide what channels you want to view, then view the catalog, which satellites they match. As a result you can determine the required angle for the satellite antenna installation, and then configure it by means of a compass. If on the roof or in the neighborhood are already plates, you can just focus on them. There is also a special program Satellite Antenna Alignment that determines the position of the sun and counts the desired direction for the satellite antenna.
Connect to the receiver all necessary wires and connect it to the TV. Then plug in the AC 220V, please make sure the screen braid and the Central conductor is not closed.
Take the TV remote and the receiver. Turn them on. Go to menu "Setting" and select "channel Search", then click on the satellite, which was tuned in your satellite dish. On the right, a menu will appear where you can configure the settings of the plates.
Turn the power on of the Converter, and set its type as a universal. Select the "Transporter" in which you must specify a value. It can be found on one of the sites devoted to satellite TV. After this it appears that the signal quality is 0%. This means that the satellite dish Svec are incorrect. Leave кого0нибудь near the TV, and themselves lift up to the plate and start to rotate gradually until, until you see the signal.
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