You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • program browser.
Please note that many brands, i.e. brands that do not are manufacturers of TVs. In fact, the true producers not so much. 90% of the market is made in China, the rest of Korea, Turkey and some producers from Europe. All the rest only install the motherboard into the case, which only applied to your logo.
To learn manufacturer's chassis, open the table of conformity. For example, click on the link in section "Conformity of the chassis and models of TV sets," select the brand of your TV from the list and view table. You can also use the list posted at to determine the chassis of the TV.
Define chassis at the logo on the PCB. It is usually the manufacturer's logo with white paint. For example, if it depicts something like a rocket on the oval background, this Changhong. Here in this image find your logo - this will allow you to learn the chassis of the TV.
Note the marking of the processor - it also contains the version of the firmware. For example, a manufacturer Changhong uses a marking system format Shhhhhhhh or GDETxxxx-xx. Judging by this brand is massively imported into Russia three main options chassis: CN-18, CH-16 and CN-9. For a typical manufacturer Skyworth is the name of the chassis, consisting of numbers/symbols/two digits, for example, 5P60, 5S01. The second letter is a chip on the basis of which made the chassis. Manufacturer Konka produces its own chips and marking is done in the format CKPxxxxx. For example, the firm are marking CKP1002S, CKP1001S and the like. You may also see chassis production of the Chinese company Eastkit. Her marking has the following format: PAEXxxxx. Thus, according to this data to find out the manufacturer of the chassis quite easily.