In the "Beeline" roaming is called the "Home region". For deactivation you can use one of several rooms. For example, you can send USSD-command *110*240# or call on 0674 09 240. If the switch-off procedure is successful, your mobile phone will come SMS-the message. In addition, for the refusal of the "Home region" number is 06688. When you dial, listen to the instructions and select the desired menu item.
Clients of the operator "MegaFon" can use the system management services called "Service Guide". With it, you'll be able to opt out of roaming charges if it is more you do not need. Note: logon is possible with mobile phone and computer. But don't forget to use the "Service Guide" will be possible only after authorization.
After login click on "Management services and tariff options". In the list that appears, click the active roaming and click on the box "Disable".
MTS provides the service of "Neighbouring regions". To disable it, dial the number of the Support Center (495) 969-44-33 the operator or send a USSD-request *111*2150#. In addition, there is short number 0890, which also allows you to refuse unnecessary services. By the way, it is possible to calls both from mobile and landline. To call the last working number (495) 766-01-66.
The second way to deactivate roaming in MTS network is to use the service "My services". First, you want to access. This can be done by sending SMS-message to number 1118. Text of this message can be anything. But do not forget that free shipping is only within your home area.