You will need
  • The connection to the MTS network
MTS network covers the whole country. As soon as the caller potidaea your region, the phone is automatically registered in national roaming. Any additional services to connect is not required.
The ability to make calls in other regions of Russia is also provided to all MTS customers automatically. Those who are more than three times within a month calling for the "long distance", it is recommended to take advantage of special tariff options, which will help to significantly cut the costs, is a Native of the city" (calls to MTS numbers across Russia), "Favorite country" (calls anywhere in the world with discounts up to 90%) and special packages on the "long distance".
There are two kinds of roaming MTS that allows you to stay connected abroad. In the framework of international and national roaming and international access to call and answer calls, send and receive SMS, surf the Internet. Light roaming and international access involve only incoming and outgoing calls and messages.
These services can be connected to a shop or sales office of MTS, as well as yourself - for example, through the "Mobile portal" to connect services "international and national roaming" you need to dial *111*2192# to activate "international access" is necessary to dial *111*2193#), or through the "Internet Assistant".
Service connection is, if the subscriber is served by the MTS for at least six months, and during that time the average monthly charges for communication services amounted to more than 650 rubles (including VAT), or if the customer bought the services of the company. If these conditions are not met, then in MTS you can only connect "Light roaming and international access.
To call from Russia to other countries, also require a connection to one of the free services MTS - "International access" or "Light roaming and international access. If the subscriber within a month more than once calls to other countries, he should take advantage of special tariff options, which will help to pay less for talking.