If you want to connect the tariff "Guest", you can contact the office of JSC "MTS" or come to the office dealer. Find the address of the serviced items in any branch of cellular communication, for example, in "the Messenger", "Euroset", etc.
If you currently have a document proving your identity. Only if available, the operator can change the tariff plan. You will be asked to write a statement, the form of which you can obtain from the operator. After that, the rate will be changed.
Connect the tariff "Guest" using the "Internet assistant" which is on the official website of the mobile operator OJSC "MTS". But before you register a password in the system by sending digital symbols "25" to the number 111. After the text enter a six digit password, that is, the message will look something like this: "123456 25" (please specify other figures).
Enter your phone number and the registered password in the appropriate fields, then go to the home page of your personal account. Find the tab "Rates and services", click on it. You will see a list of connected and available pricing plans. Find the tariff "Guest", then change it by putting a tick next to its name. Save the changes.
Check the account balance. As a rule, tariff change – the service is not free. Detailed information check with the contact centre of MTS OJSC by phone 0890. You can also contact the operator by dialing, this call 8800250089.