To disable "Daily horoscope", please contact the voice service called "Astrology". There you will need a section of a subscription to the horoscope. Listen carefully to all the instructions of the autoinformer, in the end, select "Delete subscription". If the specified method does not suit you, send a free SMS-message to number 4741. In his text, specify the number 3.
Please note, the management of all services is available through the "My services". Thanks to him, the subscriber may connect the desired option, and disable it at any time. However, right to refuse the service it is impossible, first get access to the service. To do this, type an SMS message without text, and send it to short number 8111. Home network this number is free, that is for sending a message, the operator nothing will be removed from your balance. However, if you will be in roaming, then from the client's account will be charged a certain amount (the exact size of the check directly with the operator).
"Internet Assistant" is the ideal solution for those customers who are easier to activate and deactivate services in the online mode without waiting for the response of the operator on the phone. This system is available to every client of the company MTS. To use the "Internet Assistant", sign up (will get a password for authorization). Especially for this number is 1118, and the USSD command *111*25#. When setting the password, follow the number dialed characters: they should be not less than four nor more than seven. After logging in, log in to the section titled "fees and services", then open "Manage services". To reject a weather, click next to the services button Disable.
Look in the "Internet Assistant" to the item "Subscription". To disable a service, click on the words "Remove subscription".