Make sure the option is do connected, by sending an empty SMS-message to short number 8111. If it's confirmed, send a free message with the text "33330" (without the quotes) to the number 111 to deactivate the service "Everywhere at home". You can also do this by dialing *111*3333# and pressing the call key.
Disable the service by calling to the center of communication with customers of the operator. To do this, type 08900 and press "Call". Wait for a response from support staff and report that you have to disable the service "Everywhere at home". The operator will perform the shutdown manually or can recommend you to take the appropriate steps.
Please contact your nearest office of MTS and inform the staff of your request. Your issue will be resolved.
Use the "Internet assistant" to disconnect the service "Everywhere at home". This service runs from the official website of MTS. Enter your username and password, after receiving them by following the instructions on the screen. Go to the screen of the connected services and choose the appropriate item then click "disable". Wait till the SMS confirmation of the transaction. If not, there may be some problems. Contact support to clarify the problem.