Masters of the chainsaw is determined, when it comes time to sharpen the chain, according to some characteristic features. Main of them – the difficulties which the workflow as a tool in tree log with a visible effort, and cut the turns slower. The working tool tire heats up much more than the sharp-toothed chain.

An indicator may be the size of sawdust – when they become like fine dust, to postpone sharpening the chain longer. This can be done by yourself, in the garage or workshop, but you can contact the experts who will be able to sharpen the chain on the machine. Most owners prefer to sharpen the chain by hand – sharpening on the machine does not always live up to expectations, the chain is sharp, and if there is an uneven grinding of teeth of the master-grinders rarely pay attention to it, and the chain has to detailat at home.

What should I consider when sharpening chain saws

As the height limits of cut and angle of the cutting teeth must be in strict accordance with the standards specified by the manufacturer of the tool documentation. Should not be anything here to improve and change. You should also replace the links in the factory chain, even if they seem identical. This can cause them to rupture during operation of the tool.

For sharpening the chain have to buy a special set of tools. Study carefully the parameters of the steel tooth, it is a step and slope. You can consider options for example the most common step 4-5,5 mm. To the prong to attach a file above the upper edge of the tooth, it should not be more than 1/5 of the length. The file should be hold during sharpening so that a horizontal plane located at an angle of 10-30 degrees.

How to sharpen a chain

When sharpening the chain of a chainsaw is impossible to rush. Movement should be orderly and slow – the only way of sharpening the chain will be able to perform correctly. Rotate the file along its axis from time to time – this will not only help the teeth better zahochetsa, but the tool wear will be more uniform.

To prevent wear of a file should not jump from one saw tooth to the other. Work with every need consistently. Cutting edge better to sharpen first one side, and once fully completed the circuit, go to another. It is not only more convenient, but the metal will be very hot.

If the uneven wear of teeth, focus on the length of the shortest of them. The remaining teeth need to whittle down to size.