You will need
  • the Ironing Board;
  • - iron.
Most often, the classic style of the pants implies the presence of a shooter. It allows you to visually make the legs more slender. But these arrows on the trousers easy to smooth out at home. Put the Ironing Board and iron prepare.
Look at the pants sewn into the label of the manufacturer. On the label branded clothing will be with the name of the material from which made the product. For a specific type of fabric you need to set a certain temperature for Ironing trousers.
Drawn on the tag iron involves Ironing of pants. Iron with three dots on the body mean that they are made of cotton or linen and can be ironed at temperatures above 200 degrees. The arrows on the trousers, made of cotton or linen, it is better to smooth when they are wet (you can wet the places where there are arrows).
Drawing of iron, which is circled dots in a circle, means that these pants are Ironing at a temperature not exceeding 140 degrees.
Iron with two dots on the body indicates the limit temperature - up to 130 degrees, since these products are made from silk, polyester, wool or polyester.
The image of the iron with a single dot on the body means iron pants only when the temperature is 120 degrees. This pattern is characteristic of products made of capron, nylon, polyamide, acetate, polyacrylate and viscose.
The image of a steam iron, a crossed out cross, says that the product is not subject to steam.