Buy special steamers, which can quickly, efficiently smooth the most difficult creases in the shirts and other light clothing. Moreover, these steamers come in a variety of volumes, from large to miniature. Small steamers can take with you on business trips, on vacation. They can easily fit into a travel bag and help in difficult conditions quickly give the clothes a fresh aesthetic appearance. Some travel models are fitted with batteries. This steamer in an emergency it is able to replace iron and iron a shirt.
In a small bathroom, create a steam room. To do this, run a hot shower, directing it to the bathroom wall so that water will flow into the container. On the contrary hang on the shoulders of the shirt. The bathroom door close. Ten minutes in steam bath good smooth shirt. It will be a little wet, but it dries quickly.
Of floral spray on a shirt, put on a hanger, spray a little bit of moisture. Let it hang for ten minutes to sweet smoothed out and put it on. You can moisture are different, if there is no spray. Moisten hands in water and quickly iron their shirt. Wearing a slightly damp thing smoothed even more. The mixture of wrinkles can be strengthened by adding two tablespoons of vinegar and a teaspoon of fabric softener.
If, however, the lights in the house or in a hotel room there and the problem is only that you have no iron, you can iron the shirt other hot items. For example, a hot light bulb, and the sleeves of the shirt can Pat a powder pad. Be careful, do hot objects fast motion, so as not to burn the light fabric of his shirt.