You will need
  • soap;
  • - two coins or a comb.
  • water;
  • - threads;
  • - needle;
  • - pins;
  • - gauze;
  • - iron
  • - a pair of scissors.
Take the pants right side out and gently fold them. Folding should be done in such a way as to undercut at the top of the pants, as well as internal and external stitches on one and the other pant leg matched. Fasten the fabric in such position by means of a needle and thread. Not to be firmly sew - make one or two stitches. For these purposes, you can use pins, stabbing them fabric.
Gently straighten your pants and make sure that the arrow is planned correctly. Take a clean comb with frequent teeth. Moisten it with water. Insert the fabric of one of the legs between the teeth of a comb. Slide the comb across the leg.
Again you wet your comb with water and repeat the procedure with the second leg, acting by analogy. If you do not find the house a suitable comb, you can use two coins, holding the fabric between them.
Free bonded fabric of the trousers by removing pins or cutting the thread with scissors.
Turn the pants wrong side. Take a piece of dry soap and RUB them a cloth along the entire length of the product in those places where the planned "arrow".
Remove the pants on the front side. Again fold gently, aligning the seams and folds. Place on the Ironing Board. Flatten with your hand the top part of the pants. Secure the fabric on the surface of the Ironing Board with safety pins.
Use a soft cloth such as gauze. Wet and squeeze. The cloth should be moist, not wet. For additional fixation of "shooter" can moisten the gauze in soapy water.
Iron the folded pants through cheesecloth. Make sure that the arrows are neat.
Pull the pin, freeing the pants. Athlete each leg separately, starting from the inside. "Arrow" is ready. Thanks to the use of soap, these arrows will last long on the fabric.