You will need
  • - iron
  • an Ironing Board;
  • table;
  • - blanket;
  • - sulphate of copper;
  • - glycerin;
  • - caustic soda;
  • water;
  • - lighter.
Finding beautiful fabricthat you want to smooth out, try to determine its origin. This can be done using home remedies. Cut from the fabric a small piece and ignite. If the fabric is wool, you will feel the smell of singed hair. Synthetic fabric just melted. Natural silk also has a light smell of singed hair, but it is possible to determine by chemical means: take 16 grams of copper sulfate, 10 g of glycerin, caustic soda on the tip of a knife and dissolve it all into 150 ml of water. Silk will dissolve and the cotton fabric will remain the same as was. If you do not have the segment, and the product, inspect it and find shortcuts. One of them definitely written composition of fabric and whether it can be ironed and at what temperature.
Not particularly wrinkled product just iron, setting the desired temperature. Some fabrics, it is recommended to iron only through a cloth, e.g., wool, which will begin to Shine if not properly ironed. If the fabric is just not smoothed, ironed under steam. Modern irons have a special device for steaming. If the iron is old, use the spray.
Very crumpled, but not Gatou fabric before Ironing, you need to water. The product should be moist, but not wet. Strongly crumpled fabric to better lay in a single layer. The preferred stroke on the Board. A large piece can be put on the table, placing the product under the flannelette blanket that was folded at least twice.
If you want to smooth out Gatou cloth, wash the product in the most standard washing machine in the mode for a cotton or silk fabrics. Then iron as you normally ironed cotton or silk products. Gatou fabric , it is recommended to turn into a regular, if getost" has lost its original appearance, but the product itself still looks quite attractive.