Advice 1: How to remove the arrow on the trousers

You don't like the classic style of clothing, but wearing it still necessary? Compensate official "top" geeky underwear or just make your work a little costume from casual, for example, remove the arrows on the pants.
How to remove the arrow on the trousers
You will need
  • - iron
  • - Ironing Board.
Most of the classic styles of trousers, by default, implies the existence of arrows. This design decision makes the legs visually slimmer. Before selling to the brand stores pants arrow Shoe in advance, so the buyer had to find a middle leg. Same with iron and Ironing Board arrows on the pants to smooth out. Lay the Ironing Board and remove the iron. Look on the pants label manufacturer. Look at the tag (the material from which made the product) and depending on the type of fabric, select the optimum temperature for Ironing.
If the tag drawn by the pad, this means that iron is iron, the body suffered a three point suggests that iron product made from cotton or linen, it is possible at temperatures up to 200oC. Better to iron the place where once there were arrows of pants, or especially wet pant leg, or begin to stroke, when they had not yet completely dried. - Iron, encircled by dots, forming a circle, indicating that these pants can be ironed not higher than 140оС.- The image of an iron with two dots in the middle means limiting the temperature of the Ironing of articles of silk, polyester, wool, polyester up to 130 ° C.- Iron with one dot in the middle says that ironed pants only at 120C. Usually, it is made of viscose, nylon, nylon, polyamide, polyacrylic and acetate.- If the tag shows the irons from which steam escapes with a superimposed cross, which means that to steam thing.
To remove the arrows on the trousers, it would be better to iron the garment on the reverse side. And the color of the product does not fade and prominent stains on it will not appear (if the surface of iron is covered with rust).
Useful advice
For smoothing trousers remember to remove the arrow from the leg only when the iron temperature not below that at which they were made.

Advice 2 : How to remove stains from the iron on the pants

If you are faced with such a nuisance as podpaliny from iron for pants, do not rush to throw awaypatanol thing and go for a new purchase. By using some proven methods many Housewives do a good job with these contaminants. Unfortunately, some things of delicate materials you will not be able to update, but there is hope to clear the product from the bravely painted canvases dense structure.
How to remove stains from the iron on the pants
You will need
  • - yogurt or sour milk;
  • - the pelvis;
  • - fresh juice of onions;
  • - cold water;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • - salt;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - vinegar;
  • - Laundry soap;
  • - gauze or cotton fabric;
  • iron or steamer for clothes.
Start removing stains from an iron on the pants as soon as occurred podpaliny. If the cleaning procedure to delay, destroy the pollution will be much harder. A proven national method, good coping with this problem is the use as cleaning products fermented milk products such as yogurt or sour milk. Pour any of these drinks in a large container for washing and soak it stained a place on the pants. Allow the product to parasitise" in this fluid for an hour or two, after which the thing must be thoroughly rinsed in cool water.
Use fresh onion juice – it also helps to remove the scorch mark from the iron. You can squeeze it on the juicer, to make grated pulp of treated bulbs or just RUB marks from the iron of fresh cut onions. If you managed to cope with the contamination, place clean clothes in a basin and fill it with cold water. Several times change the water, and then rinse the pants.
Try the bleach thing in the sun. Pre-grate the trace of the iron with a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide (pharmacy liquid, or an aqueous solution pills peroxide) and ammonia solution (1:1). Instead of this mixture is also quite frequently used table salt dissolved in fresh lemon juice. Of course, the described method is suitable only for purification of the canvas white.
Finally, to deal with patches of iron on fabric you can take vinegar. They podkislit water and moisten the resulting solution with a thin cotton cloth or piece of gauze. Through this the lining of the pants should be ironed or steam (iron or special hand steamer). If you are not sure of the persistence of painting tainted products, instead of vinegar use a thick solution of soap.

Advice 3 : How to smooth out arrows on trousers

If you feel uncomfortable in clothes of classical style or tired of it, and wear it still necessary, then add a bit of casual Friday (Engl. Casual), which focuses on the ease of clothing. You can, for example, to smooth out arrows on trousers, revitalizing the classic style of "top".
How to smooth out arrows on trousers
You will need
  • the Ironing Board;
  • - iron.
Most often, the classic style of the pants implies the presence of a shooter. It allows you to visually make the legs more slender. But these arrows on the trousers easy to smooth out at home. Put the Ironing Board and iron prepare.
Look at the pants sewn into the label of the manufacturer. On the label branded clothing will be with the name of the material from which made the product. For a specific type of fabric you need to set a certain temperature for Ironing trousers.
Drawn on the tag iron involves Ironing of pants. Iron with three dots on the body mean that they are made of cotton or linen and can be ironed at temperatures above 200 degrees. The arrows on the trousers, made of cotton or linen, it is better to smooth when they are wet (you can wet the places where there are arrows).
Drawing of iron, which is circled dots in a circle, means that these pants are Ironing at a temperature not exceeding 140 degrees.
Iron with two dots on the body indicates the limit temperature - up to 130 degrees, since these products are made from silk, polyester, wool or polyester.
The image of the iron with a single dot on the body means iron pants only when the temperature is 120 degrees. This pattern is characteristic of products made of capron, nylon, polyamide, acetate, polyacrylate and viscose.
The image of a steam iron, a crossed out cross, says that the product is not subject to steam.
For smoothing arrows on the trousers, you must follow the recommendations listed on sewn in labels. Otherwise, you can get scorch marks or holes.
Useful advice
Smooth hands on your pants only if the temperature setting of the iron is below that at which they were made.

For smoothing hands on his trousers them it would be better to turn inside out and smooth out the arrows on the reverse side. This will help to preserve the original color of the product, and also ensures that the pants will not appear undesirable spots.
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