The Lac not only for hair and nails

The best option to stop the arrow on the tights, is a colourless varnish. Simply apply a drop of varnish at the end of the arrow. After a few seconds, its movement will be stopped. And it is rather reliable. In principle it is possible to use not only colorless but also colored lacquer, but it will be unsightly look. If you obscure the arrow to the varnish, even after washing tights arrows will not crawl forward.

Not always at hand may be varnish. In this case, the assistance in the struggle with the arrow on the tights will have a paper glue. Enough to put a little glue on the end of the arrow, and it will be securely fixed. It is worth remembering that you can stick the tights to the skin on the foot, because when applying the glue you need to pull a little nylon.

No paper glue, use any other, such as PVA. True, he may leave unsightly white spot, but emergency good.

Hairspray is another handy tool that can be used for the restoration of the torn tights. Enough to spray some paint around the holes. Remember that the radius of the spread of the varnish is to do as little as possible. The fact that the varnish sticks to the tights to the leg, so that then it will be difficult to get them off. Moreover, in this embodiment, the detention of the arrow there is no certainty that it will not continue to crawl. Lacquer can be replaced with antistatic.

Replacement thread - soap

We should not forget about the thread as a means to stop the movement of the arrow on the tights. Apply neat seam and can still wear your favorite tights. It is worth remembering that sew nylon tights should without missing a loop. Zastavena otherwise the hole will begin a new arrow.

If there is no thread, no varnish, you can use an ordinary soap. Moisten soap with water and swipe several times at the end of the arrow. By the way, soap is able to fix the arrow not worse. Yes, and after drying it does not put visible marks. Interestingly, suitable not only solid but also liquid soap, and also shampoo or gel. So if you hooked the tights for work, the soap will come to help.

For the prevention of holes and arrows on nylon pantyhose is recommended to iron their iron after the purchase to use. To do this, put on the tights fabric and iron a hot iron. They will be more durable and will be worn longer.