You will need
  • - labor book and other documents confirming the seniority of the employee;
  • calculator;
  • - acts of local government;
  • - documents about the wages of the employee.
Define the seniority of the employee. It is calculated by summing the periods of performance of the employment duties of an employee in each company. To do this, write the start and end dates of the work of a specialist in a particular firm. Fold them together and find the seniority of the employee in calendar days.
Select years, months in the result (for the whole year take 360 days for a month – 30 days). Calculate the related coefficient. For this purpose the length of service in years and multiply by the value of one year of seniority (this figure is established by the acts of the regional government for each year). If the employee's seniority is 28 years 4 months, to calculate the coefficient, you need to take 28+4/12.
Determine the average monthly salary of a specialist. To do this fold the amount of remuneration for any selected employee 60 months of continuous employment. Then the result by the number of months in the period.
Now the average monthly earnings, divide by the average wage in Russia (it is approved by the Government of the Russian Federation for a period of time taken for the calculation of pensions). Multiply the result by the average salary in the Russian Federation, which is established by legislative acts in order to charge, change the amount of the pension.
The amount received from the settlement of pension subtract the base part (to be determined on the basis of legislative acts). Multiply the result by the period during which it is expected accrual of benefits. In 2013 it will be 19 years old. Will pension capital benefits from the state.
Now find the insurance part of state benefits. For this purpose the calculated amount of pension capital multiply by the time of pension.
For employees born in 1967 and younger when they go on pension , the state allowance will be calculated differently. As the pension will depend not only on compulsory insurance contributions and sums transferred by the employees to the funded part of the benefit.