You will need
  • - recent letter from the Pension Fund;
  • calculator.
Find out if you are eligible to receive a future pension as a civil servant. For this you need to work in Federal or local government authorities not less than fifteen years. Can also be taken into account and less experience, for example, if you have reached the maximum age for this type of public service, you were fired because of downsizing or you had to leave due to illness.In other cases, your years of work in a public institution will be treated as normal pensionable service.
Calculate your pension for years of service. You will be able to start getting it only after we leave the post. To do this, calculate their average salary during the work in a public institution. To do this, add up all your monthly payments for the period and divide by the number of months worked. The figure will be approximate, because if you continue to work in state structure, your salary may vary.
Then, determine the amount of the pension. If you have worked for 15 years, it will be 45% of average earnings. For each additional year you will be added 3%, but the pension cannot be more than 75% of salary.
Also if you were born after 1953 (men) or 1957 (women), you are entitled to funded part of pensions. For its calculation, use the retirement calculator. You can find it on any site of non-state pension Fund. Enter in the appropriate points calculator your birth year, the amount of existing savings (this information is in the letter of the Pension Fund), as well as average earnings and size of work experience. Click on the "Calculate" button. You will be able to see the approximate amount of payments on the funded part of pension. It will be a boost to your departmental benefits. But keep in mind that these payments are not adjusted for inflation.