You will need
  • - order letterhead, established at the enterprise;
  • - documents of the enterprise;
  • - labor legislation;
  • - seal of the organization;
  • - specimens of signatures;
  • - staffing.
An order conferring the right to sign, as a rule, is made in any form or on letterhead of the company, if the Department office has developed it. Essential for regulatory document is the company name, which must be specified in accordance with the Charter, other constituent document. The name of the order you need to write in capital letters. Then follows the document number, the date of its publication.
The subject of the order in this case granting the right of signature. The cause of the preparation of the document should indicate when there is an overlap of the duties of a Director or a chief accountant for a certain period.
The selection (the informative part) list the job titles, departments, personal data of the employees, gives the right signatures. It is necessary to consider that the right of first signature remains with the head of the company, the second – the chief accountant.
If there is a laying on of the employee of the duties of the sole Executive body or chief accountant, specify the period for which the employee is entitled signature.
In order should write a list of documents (financial, legal, regulatory) who has the right to sign a person.
The order must be signed by the Director of the company. To familiarize professionals with the right signature, the document is typically a career employee.
The order shall be accompanied with the samples of signatures of the Director, chief accountant and persons entitled to sign for them the financial, legal, legal documents.
Often, for a time the duties of Director or chief accountant of the employee is made a power of attorney, which is the same as the order on temporary granting the right of signature shall be effective for a specified period.