Primary school teacher is both a teacher, a psychologist and educator. It is from the teacher of initial classes depends largely on the formation of student's personality, his attitude to school and attainment.
Primary school teacher should possess such qualities as love of children, excellent communication skills, erudition, ability to interest students in his subject.

Education, which entitles to work as a elementary school teacher

To secondary teacher education in the specialty "primary school Teacher" is possible after the course in a College or technical school. On the basis of 11 classes, the training period is 3 years on the basis of 9 classes – 4 years. However, practice shows that secondary education does not guarantee employment, so graduates of technical schools and colleges usually enroll in Universities. The first level of higher pedagogical education called the bachelor, where training lasts 4 years. Training at the second level – the master degree lasts for two years.
The third level of training – graduate school, where the training of the teaching staff for teaching in higher education.
Higher education gives graduates the opportunity not only to become a primary school teacher, but also to do a good administrative career. The teacher can "grow" to the head teacher or school Director, to move to a senior position in the city or district Department of public education.

How does a primary school teacher

The teacher carries out the upbringing and education of their students in the educational program, organizing children's rest and leisure, together with the children involved in the preparation of school entertainment events. In addition, the teacher conducts lessons in the place of absent colleagues, engaged students, involved in social work, conducts the necessary documentation.

Future teachers are not in the least interested in the question, how much does a primary school teacher. As in any other profession, the salary of a teacher depends on a number of factors: experience, category, load. In different regions there are additional payments to teachers from the local budget. Therefore, the teacher of initial classes can get 8-10 thousand rubles, and 20 to 25, and even more. Traditionally, the higher the salaries of teachers in Metropolitan areas.

In addition to the school teachers of primary classes will always take a job in a different preschool.