You will need
  • - razor (good and new);
  • - shaving product;
  • - warm water;
  • - after-shave.
Before you start shaving area bikini, rate as you have long hair. If necessary, shorten them with scissors.
Prepare the skin for shaving. To do this, take a bath or shower, then your skin will soften and become more elastic.
Means for shaving, of course, may be ordinary soap and shower gel, but it would be better to use a special foam or cream. In sale there are tools designed just for shaving in intimate areas of the body where the skin is sensitive person. In the composition of such creams and foams, as a rule, are substances that have a soothing effect and prevents irritation.
Razor can be purchased not necessarily for women, but cheap Chinese razors production is also better not to use it. Do not use a disposable razor more than 2-3 times since dull blade is very easy to hurt the skin.
On vybavenou oblast bikini to apply shaving product. The movement of the machine must be according to the direction of hair growth. With slightly hold the skin with your hand. When the hairs on vybavenim site will be very short (2-3 mm), then change the direction of movement of the machine. Swipe a couple of times a blade against the hair growth – this will be enough.
After each movement of the machine to thoroughly rinse the blade in warm water to clean it from the shaved hairs.
After shaving thoroughly rinse the area bikini under a warm shower and gently Pat skin with a towel. Apply on the shaved surface, the cream or lotion after shaving. This is necessary to prevent irritation.
Remember that the more you shave an area that bikini, the sooner she'll get used to this procedure and, accordingly, the risk of irritation is lower. If, however, despite following these recommendations, irritation occurs after each shave, then think about how to choose another method of hair removal or even cut areas bikini.