Even if you have purchased the product were of poor quality, do not cease to make timely payments on the loan. Since the breakdown of the goodsand to refund may take considerable time, and for each day of delay the Bank will charge you interest. Fines paid in connection with overdue payments, in any case will fall on your shoulders – the shop is not obliged to compensate these costs.
Write a complaint to the address of the shop with the requirement to reimburse the amount spent on repayment of the Bank loan, and attach to the application copies of documents which confirm that you have made payments on the loan. According to article 24 of the RF Law "On protection of consumer rights" when returning the goodsof improper quality and bought in a loan, the consumer is entitled to a full refund of the amount of money paid by the Bank to the day of return of the goodsin the shop, and compensation fees for the use of creditom. While the monetary amount spent on fines, not kompensiruet. Also the shop is not obliged to reimburse the moneyspent on insurance when making a loanand the other additional Bank services that you have used on their own.
Upon return the goodsand demand from the seller a document which will be stated that the contract of sale can be considered void.
By law the seller is obliged to repay the loanOuro. To get their money for defective product please contact the Bank through which was decorated loan. If part of the amount you were paid for independently in the store (for example, the first payment), you can get it back from the seller.
The return of the money paid for the defective goodsnot be superfluous to require the Bank agreement termination of the contract of consumer creditand where it will be written that the Bank has to you financial claims. This will help you in the future to protect themselves from possible differences and not ruin your credithistory ing.