Enclose a written agreement to purchase the goodsand prepay. First of all, you will be able to prove his innocence in case of default of its conditions by the seller. If it is not possible to make such an agreement, then ask them to write you a receipt for the Deposit, which is mandatory, specifies the delivery goods.
Contact the seller within the prescribed period and receive the product. If he didn't, then demand to return the Deposit in full. You can also discuss the possibility of postponement, it is necessary to sign an additional agreement or to obtain a new receipt.
Write a written request to the seller, if you refuse to return the Deposit, citing various reasons. Specify in the application the full name of the purchased productand the date of providing the payment, the date of receipt of the productand its price. Note that the seller is violating consumer rights and will be required to pay a penalty, which counts from the day when he had to be the transfer product.
Demand compensation for the losses that you incurred from the non-paid goods. For example, you had to purchase this product from another seller for a greater cost. The price difference and would be the caused losses.
Submit a written demand to the seller under the painting. For that, make it in two instances where the seller puts the date of receipt of the application. You can also send it by email, save a receipt for sending.
Go to court with a claim, if the seller is not considered your requirements within the statutory ten days. In this case, specify the Deposit amount refunded accrued interest and the resulting losses. Present to the court all the available evidence, as well as a copy of the claim, which was transmitted by you to the seller.