You will need
  • - The RF law "On protection of consumer rights";
  • - handle;
  • paper.
The law in this case – your main weapon. According to the RF Law "On protection of consumer rights" the consumer at detection in the goods of deficiencies has the right to demand termination of the contract of sale within 15 days from the date of transfer to the consumer of such goods. This applies to any product, including technically complex. Exception – if the deficiencies have been predetermined by the seller. Ie discount due to scratches on the surface of appliances, return will not work.
Please note that the law sets deadlines for the return of the goods from the date of transfer, not purchases. If you bought a refrigerator and brought it to you in a week, the period for filing claims begins from the day when the refrigerator is in your home. This will include copies of invoices or other documents on reception of the goods.
Write a statement on the return of the goods. In the statement, specify the seller's name, store address, your passport details, address and phone number. State the nature of your claim, do not forget to specify the brand, product number, date of purchase. Be sure to specify that you asking for the termination of the contract of sale, if you're not set on the exchange or repair of goods. Try to make the statement correctly and clearly by mentioning the titles of the articles that you rely on. Maybe the seller is not eager to return you the money. And well, if he realizes that he is dealing with a legally competent person.
Make two copies of the application. In large stores there are departments of complaints, where you can go. The store employee should accept the application, signing it and putting the date. One signed copy of Express yourself. In small shops you can give a statement to the seller.
The decision on your application must take for seven days. In the case of defects in technically complex products, this period may be extended to 20 days, the seller may conduct the examination at their own expense.
If you are faced with rudeness, lack of professionalism on the part of store employees, find the email address of the store on the Internet and write a complaint to the administration. In the complaint indicate the employee's name and state the nature of the claim. Follow business writing style, don't get personal, using names of articles of the law to which you refer. As practice shows, it helps in most cases.
What to do if after 15 days revealed a significant shortage of technically difficult goods? By law you are also entitled to demand termination of the contract of purchase and sale. There is a nuance in the word "significant" - how to define it? Document that thing has serious defects and needs to be returned to the store, you can throw in a warranty workshop, where do you go with the breakdown. Also be returned to the store device, which during the year warranty period more than 30 days in aggregate, had been repaired. From the documents confirming the fact and terms of repair, clear copies that attach to the statement.
It should be noted that in this case in reality exchange the goods for money is much harder. So, if you want to save your nerves and ready to sue, you may want to agree on a replacement product for the same with conversion rates. Usually the sellers are more willing and quicker to deny this.
In conflict situations, when violated your rights, please contact the Society for the protection of the rights of consumers in your city.