The return of the defective car or exchange for the same healthy start with the presentation of their claims to the dealership in writing. In other words, write a complaint. The seller must provide a statement of the time within which he undertakes to resolve claims. In case of failure of facilities to provide such services, require a written waiver.
In communicating with representatives of the dealership will show your expertise in legal matters, self-righteousness and the desire to go to the end without any compromises. In this case, often the dealers are reluctant to meet the legitimate demands of buyers, try not to bring the case to court.
Please note that the easiest way to return the car in the first 15 days after you transfer it. Legally, however, the date of sale and date of delivery of the goods are very different. After the expiration of the 15 days return procedure significantly more complicated. Be patient and lots of free time. Require the examination of the goods at the expense of the salon.
If the examination shows the innocence of the seller in the problem, do not agree with her. Contact the court. During the entire trial use the services of competent lawyers. This will help to achieve the desired judicial decisions in the shortest possible time. In the statement of claim demand not only reimbursement of the cost of the machine, but also compensation of damages and payment of court costs.
When you return to the dealership for the car taken on credit, ask for the document confirming the termination of the contract of purchase and sale. The motor show is obliged to return the money to the Bank or credit institution. If buyer has paid part of the cost of the machine out of pocket, and the part he took in the credit, the dealership needs to refund his payment, and Bank loan amount.
Contact the Bank to get cash. Be sure to ask the Bank agreement termination of the credit agreement indicating the phrase that the Bank does not have to consumer financial claims. According to the law on consumer protection, the Bank is obliged to return the amount repaid to the day of repayment of the loan and to pay a fee for the loan. But to return interest paid on the loan the Bank is not obliged to.
Forget about the return of interest paid. Even the judicial system often does not recognize the interest on the loan losses caused to the buyer by the sale of defective goods. Until the termination of the contract with the Bank continue to regularly pay the monthly payments. Only the termination of the credit agreement allows you to legally stop pay for a faulty car.