Veterinary certificate to give to the clinic where the cat vaccinations and other treatments sometimes make out immediately, but if this is not done, you can ask – and pet passport, your cat will be.
как сделать на котенка паспорт
Most often people want to make documents on the cat, so she could take part in exhibitions. For this we need the following documents: the veterinary passport (it must bear the mark for a period of not later than the last three months, that worms the animal is not), pedigree cats, certificate issued directly by the holding of the exhibition itself or to the veterinary station certificate. This is for pedigreed cats. If the cat is purebred, it may participate in the exhibition, as "home", then pedigree is not required.
At the exhibition the breed of cat can be issued as a home, then the pedigree is not needed
The main problem is to do genealogy. If she lost, then recovery is possible only in case, if the cat was in the club and has experience of participation in exhibitions, also the cat should be chipped. On the cat, which is not in the club, the pedigree cannot be recovered.
To restore a pedigree cat should be in the club and to be chipped
To place the lineage of the cat "from scratch", it is necessary that at birth it was opened a children's card, otherwise called a metric. If, when the kitten was born, no cards were not opened, then execute the pedigree is impossible, because documents can only be issued by the club and only on the basis of a metric. Here is the view club, which was registered cat-mom your cat.
Делают ли кошкам прививку от токсоплазмоза
You can make the certificate of conformity of the breed. This requires that the selected certificate breed of cats has been uncovered. For obtaining of the certificate need to take part in three exhibitions, each with a different independent experts should draw the conclusion that the cat conforms to the standard adopted for a particular breed. You can then find a purebred cat whose owners will not mind to have joint descendants. These kittens will receive an incomplete pedigree, and their children.
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