You will need
  • - money to pay for the flights;
  • - a carrying bag;
  • - waterproof Mat in the bag;
  • - veterinary passport.
Even when buying a ticket, inform the airline that you plan to take a cat. Coordination is necessary because there is a limit to the possible number of animals in the cabin. Specify the requirements for the transported animal and its cage from different carriers are different.
Как перевезти собаку в самолете
Usually cats without problems allowed to take into the cabin. However, some companies have restrictions on weight of the animal - a beast weighing six pounds will be able to fly only in the baggage compartment. This is an unwelcome stress for cats. So find the airline flying you to the correct route and willing to take the chubby cat in a salon.
как перевозить животных в самолете
Select a bag to carry your pet. It should be made of dense material, have waterproof the bottom and in the total dimensions of length, width and height do not exceed 120 cm Bag should fit under the seat of airplane seats.
собака в самолете
Check out veterinary pet passport - it must be the marks of vaccination, stamped by the vet. The passport presented at the airport when making a pass for the landing.
как провести собаку в поезде
Do not feed your pet several hours before departure. If the cat is nervous, give him soft cat sedatives, such as "cat Baiyun." About more than drugs strong recommendation can be given only by a veterinarian. Put on the bottom carrying any absorbent material, for example, baby waterproof diaper. Don't try to shove a bag of kitty litter - it will only interfere.
как перевести кота в поезде
If you don't have your own car, call a taxi to the airport - a trip with nervous animals in public transport will be an additional stress for the animal and for you.
At the airport, contact the front Desk. Most likely, you will be directed to the passage of the veterinary control and will ask for a surcharge for excess baggage. Weigh the cat will be with cage. If possible, ask them to put you in a way that nearby was an empty chair where you will be able to supply the kennel with the animal.
During the flight, do not take the cat out of the bag. He can escape, and it will have a long look around the cabin. You can stick your hand to the cat inside a carrying contact with the owner calm him down.
On arrival at your destination don't forget to feed and water the cat. In a lengthy flight, it will have to do more in the air.