You will need
  • - the tape;
  • calculator.
Find out the age of the pine's branches. From this tree they form some kind of tiers, also called whorls. This means that every pine grows several branches at the same level. Count the number of these levels and add to them five, as in the first years of the branches are not formed. So you can get the approximate age of the tree.
Measure the circumference of the pine tree in inches at a height of about five feet from the ground. Multiply the resulting figure by a factor of 0.7. The resulting figure will be the number of years over which grew a pine tree.
As accurately as possible, to the age of a tree can be identified by the annual rings. They can give information not only about how many years old pine growing at that place, but what were the years in terms of weather conditions, favourable or severe. The thicker the ring, the better the weather was for tree growth. For the study of the annual rings is not necessary to cut down a tree. Modern technology, applied dendrology, allow using special tools to sample with saw cut rings. The resulting hole is filled with resin and the tree survives. Such methods have been used, for example, to create a dendrochronological scale of the region.
The relative age of the pine can be determined by its height. The taller the tree, so it is in most cases older. In the first years of the pine is growing at 40-50 inches per year, but closer to 30-40 years of growth can be accelerated up to 1 meter per year. So, if you see two standing next to pine trees, you will be able to understand which one is older and by how many years. But this method is not suitable for old trees. Growing up to 40 metres, the tree is not increasing. Thus in his old age may indicate a more active dieback of lower branches, the smaller the splendor of the crown.